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I Am Community Oncology

The I Am Community Oncology Campaign

Community oncology practices deliver the treatment people want: cancer care provided by compassionate, expert physicians; personalized care that’s close to home; and affordable care options. Many patients, however, are unaware that they are being treated in an independent community oncology setting and don’t know that their care differs based on where it is provided. In fact, community oncology is arguably “one of the greatest stories never told.”

The purpose of the Community Oncology Alliance’s I Am Community Oncology campaign is to define and increase awareness of community oncology.  We are creating and empowering a nationwide “Advocate Army” that is more involved in the issues that impact their cancer care locally and nationally.

The campaign provides important educational opportunities to increase broad awareness of public policy issues that impact patients’ cancer care and provide more opportunities to seed grassroots patient advocacy on these issues.  Our goal is to engage, educate, and empower while, in the process, bringing together all the stakeholders who can proudly say, “I Am Community Oncology!”

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