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Community Oncology TV in your waiting room is easy & free!

Community Oncology TV is a completely free national waiting room network from the Community Oncology Alliance (COA). The network features light, lively, and entertaining content that is patient friendly and engaging while also increasing understanding of issues that impact community oncology.

Community Oncology TV is a free national waiting room network for all practices to install in waiting rooms, exam rooms, and more.

The goal of the Community Oncology TV Network is to increase awareness of what community oncology is and the difference it makes in cancer care. We tell the story of the people, places, and faces in community oncology that are the backbone of our nation’s cancer care system. In doing so we educate, engage, and empower patients nationwide to get more involved in advocating for their care.

Community Oncology TV practices plays a mix of lively and educational content tailored specifically for oncology patients and practices. In addition to the news, pop culture, weather, and sports programming patients love, COA has created short educational segments on the big issues that impact their cancer care locally and nationally.

Practices can also customize the Community Oncology TV screens to display practice messages such as event announcements, appointment reminders, notifications about new programs or services, and more. All of this is included free of charge to practices.

Get Community Oncology TV set up in your practice today!

COA has partnered with PatientPoint, a leading national waiting room TV vendor, so that practices can have Community Oncology TV screens installed completely free of charge. PatientPoint will install, upgrade, and maintain waiting room TVs at absolutely no cost ever. Ongoing, regularly updated educational programming is broadcast wirelessly to all participating screens without any staff time or energy.

  • Contact Dan Branch with PatientPoint at or (941) 350-2385 to get a preview and ask questions
  • PatientPoint will install screens, upgrade equipment, and provide access to content free of charge.

Have questions about Community Oncology TV? Still not sure if it is right for you? Send us an email at and we will get right back to you!

Sample Community Oncology TV Educational Programming