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I Am Community Oncology

One of the best ways to make a big splash with policymakers is by creating an experience so genuine and moving, they can’t soon forget the issues and the real people at stake. That’s why COA is thrilled to announce the return of the “Sit in My Chair” Congressional events program. This one-of-a-kind effort puts the work you do every day in front of policymakers, which is exactly where it should be!

About Sit in My Chair: Where Your member of Congress becomes a patient for a day!

First introduced in 2009, Sit in My Chair is one of the best opportunities for your practice to engage with local lawmakers, delivering a unique, lasting, hands-on experience. Through this program, you will introduce your member of Congress to all the hard work that goes into the real, every day patient experience in community cancer care!

The program revolves around hosting your member of Congress and/or their aides at your practice and walking them through the experience of being a patient: arriving for the appointment and registering with staff, sitting in your waiting room, receiving a cancer diagnosis, walking through procedures with a nurse, and sitting in a chemotherapy chair to ‘receive’ treatment. Through this experience, policymakers get a real-world look at everything it takes to deliver cancer care to your patients.
Why is Sit in My Chair so effective? Remember: one of the key points of advocacy is to build strong and lasting relationships. Sit in My Chair does this with an unforgettable experience. It also helps your practice build a relationship with your member of Congress and strengthens our ability to effectively advocate in support of community oncology issues going forward.

Participation is easy – COA is giving you everything!

COA will make it easy for you to execute this event, including providing a planning guide, invitations, template materials, key contacts (if you don’t already have them), and other logistical support.

With just a few hours of staff time you will have a member of Congress sitting in your practice before you know it. It really is that simple! We have put together a toolkit of of template, turn-key, easy-to-use materials that includes everything you need for Sit in My Chair – from invitations, to talking points, to media suggestions – all in one easy to use packet.

Up first is the email invitation template in the toolkit. Just copy/paste and use this to get the program started by inviting your member of Congress to visit. It is that easy!
Click here to download the "Sit in My Chair" toolkit

Act now! 

In a time of divisive health care rhetoric, Sit in My Chair gives members of Congress a positive opportunity to hear about health care issues affecting local constituents and businesses; in a private, controlled setting; and with the potential for great media optics (if you/they want it). It’s a win-win for everyone!

Recess schedules are still open but will fill up fast, so reach out ASAP! Now is the best time to reach out to your member of Congress’ office to encourage them to make time for a visit. If you don’t know the best contact person or Congressional office address, COA can help.

Policymakers need to hear directly from community oncology practices. Invite them to Sit in YOUR Chair!

If you have questions or need contact information Congressional offices, send an email to
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